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Back in December 2015, we were having a hard time as a family.
We came to the conclusion that we could no longer support our daughter by ourselves. Rachel went into emergency respite. Her care manager then introduced us to PBS4.

PBS4 have done an amazing job supporting Rachel. She is speaking more than she ever has and is gaining more and more independence every day.

She has her own team, her own car, and her own tenancy.

PBS4 have been supporting Rachel so she has a chance to get out and socialise in the community and continue with her life skills, and now has a chance to do things she really enjoys. As you can see Rachel is having a great time bowling.

The staff from PBS4 have been great also by supporting myself and helping us through sad times and good times, and always there for us as a family. The decision to hand over your child’s support to someone else is a really difficult one to take. We felt racked with guilt that we were failing our daughter, and sadness as we missed her being with us.

I felt isolated. I wanted to speak to other parents in a similar situation so PBS4 helped me to arrange coffee mornings so I could meet other parents. This has really helped.

There are times when I have concerns about the support. PBS4 understand that they will sometimes get things wrong and always listen to any concerns I have. They ask for my opinion on everything and I know I am respected as the person who knows Rachel best.

It is still difficult at times, but I am really pleased to see my daughter doing really well. I am thankful for the support we all receive with PBS4