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Positive Behaviour Support helps people with learning disabilities achieve their ambitions and reduces the need for “challenging” behaviours using evidence based approaches.

PBS4 enables people with learning disabilities whose behaviour is described as challenging to live the life they want in their own homes

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New opportunities to join PBS4!

New opportunities to join PBS4!

The “State” of a storm

The “State” of a storm

By Jonathan Beebee

Today CQC announced the release of their State of Care report. Learning disability support was a leading headline. The key points were that learning disability hospitals are continuing to fail people, going from 1% being inadequate last year to 10 % this year. Additionally, the declining numbers of learning disability nursing was leading to a decline in skills in the workforce. They describe these two components as the “perfect storm” for an impeding crisis in learning disability support. For many of us, these issues are not new news but it is much appreciated that CQC are adding their weight to this now. I wanted to share a few thoughts on what is happening in my view, and what I feel the solution should involve.

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Positive Behaviour Support

Stop Failing the Human Rights of People with Learning Disabilities

This week we have seen evidence that the human rights of people with learning disabilities are repeatedly denied. Every person we hear about who has had their human rights denied and suffers abuse, segregation, and maltreatment fills us with deep sadness and outrage. What compounds this outrage is this is not shocking news. How many times do we have to hear this? How many more people need to suffer?

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