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Ben is 20 and has lived in Southampton for 2 years since joining PBS4.

Before PBS4, Ben was in the hospital and didn’t have a good experience. He couldn’t wait to gain his independence back and have his own flat. PBS4 supported Ben with his move to Southampton and has been empowering him ever since! One of Ben’s biggest achievements is making music, under the stage name ‘Lil Tribz’ Ben writes and produces his own music. Lil Tribz currently has over 21,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and many more across streaming services.

Here’s how Ben describes making music: “I use it as a way of expressing how I feel as sometimes I can’t get the right words; every one of my songs has a lot of meaning to me, I make them to raise awareness of mental health for people to know it is okay not to be okay.”

At the moment Ben is working on reaching his future goals, with the support of his team, and starting a group at no limits to make friends and learn new skills. He also plans on joining the gym with his team and doing more activities to make more great memories. Ben has come such a long way during his time with us, we look forward to seeing his future achievements and we’re so proud to be supporting him!


Check out his Instagram here: and Spotify here: