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Local elections like the one held across England last week are our opportunity to have our voices heard and to make a difference in how the country is run! It was great to see so many people come out and exercise their right to vote in last week’s local elections. That is why we are proud to be supporting the #MyVoteMyVoice campaign! This national campaign developed by United Response, Dimensions, Mencap and Ambitious About Autism, is focused on ensuring that those with learning disabilities and autism have equal access to their right to vote in local and general elections.

With over 1.5 million people in the UK living with a learning disability, and over 700,000 autistic people, that makes up 3% of the population! However, less than two-thirds of the public know that they have an equal right to vote. As well as this, voter turnout among people with learning disabilities is as much as 40% lower than that of the general population. With the government also recently requiring photo ID for people to vote, more barriers have been put in place for many people with learning disabilities and autism who may not have these forms of credentials. This is something we need to change! If voting isn’t accessible to everyone, then we have no democracy.

We hope to raise awareness of the #myvotemyvoice campaign on a quarterly basis and keep this important cause on everyone’s agenda in the run-up to the 2024 general elections.

If you want to support us in making this campaign successful, then you can:

  • Contact your local MP’s about making sure that polling stations are welcoming and accessible for everyone.
  • Interact with our #myvotemyvoice campaign posts on social media.
  • Show your support for the campaign by sharing the #myvotemyvoice campaign on social media!
  • Make sure that you get out and exercise your right to vote as well as encourage others to do so!
  • Check out these resources on how to support others on their voting journey at-

Together, we can create a more inclusive and democratic society where everyone’s voice matters. Let’s make everyone’s vote count by joining us in supporting the #MyVoteMyVoice Campaign!