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From Enablement Assistant to Learning Disability Nurse Apprentice


In September, PBS4 was proud to put their first Enablement Assistant on a Learning Disability Nursing Apprenticeship programme with Winchester University. Here is Rea Williams describing how she is finding the course so far:

Hi, my name is Rea I am a 30-year-old single mum to a three old year little girl. I have worked in the care sector since I left school which was 16 years ago! I started working for PBS4 back in 2016, where I started as an Enablement Assistant and I worked my way up to a Team Leader. 

At the beginning, when starting with PBS4 I told my manager my future goal was to go into nursing learning disability/mental health. Then this this amazing opportunity came up for me to go to university as an apprentice to become a learning disability nurse! The apprenticeship means I still get paid while studying, so I do not lose out on anything whilst studying, which is great!  

It is a full-time course for 4 yearsI’m working with a great team on my course. We are all helping each other along 🙂 I am hoping to achieve a better future for me and my daughter. Yes sometimes it is overwhelming; sometimes I sit here, and think cannot do this but then look how far I have come to get into university and where I am now and then I also turn and look at my daughter and tell myself “you can do this, you got this!” I know I am teaching my daughter if you want something you must work hard for it and all things can be accomplished if you put your mind to it 

Rea Williams  


Jonathan Beebee, Chief Enablement Officer, said “Rea has always been exemplary in her work with PBS4. She shines our values and builds trusting relationships with the people she supports. I am sure Rea will make a fantastic learning disability nurse, and I am really pleased we are able to give her the opportunity to achieve her ambitions.” 

This position has come about as Health Education England are providing additional funding to support employers to take learning disability nurse apprenticeships. By participating in this course we will be taking apprentices from other venues on placements with PBS4 as part of their nurse training. You may therefore see student nurses from outside of PBS4 on placement with us from time to time.  

Internal applications are now open for this year’s learning disability nurse apprenticeships. The application form has been sent to all employees via email and applications close 9th April 2021. If you need the application form sent again please email 

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