Behind PBS4

Jonathan Beebee, Chief Enablement Officer.


Jonathan Beebee PBS PBS4

Registered Learning Disability Nurse with MSc in PBS.

I have a wide variety of experiences in working with adults and children with learning disabilities in health and social care settings. This has ranged from people with severe learning disabilities with severe challenging behaviours to people with mild learning disabilities whose behaviour may be considered a criminal offence. I have also worked extensively with people who have social difficulties including challenging sexual behaviours.

You can see more about me on my LinkedIn profile.

Anna Hunter, Chief Operations Officer.


Psychology Graduate with MSc in PBS

My career has been focussed on improving the lives of people with learning disabilities. I have worked in an ABA School, NHS Intensive Support Services, and as a PBS Consultant and Quality Assurance Manager for a large social care provider.

Andrew Monaghan, Chair of the Board.



Independent Consultant for Charities, Organisations, and Statutory Services

As Chair of the Board, my role is to ensure the Board works collectively both to challenge and be supportive of everything PBS4 does. I have a background of managing and leading NHS services, Social Care providers and as a CEO of a Hampshire charity.

Philip Stonehouse, Co-Chair of the Board.



Autism Consultant

I am an expert in autism due to my lived experience. I also bring my personal experiences of receiving support. My role on the board is to ensure PBS4 are listening to what is important for the people they support.

Jenny Steeples, Parent Board Representative.


Parent of Claire

I have personally experienced a variety of social care services for my daughter, Claire, throughout her life. We have had some bad experiences so we were one of the first families in Hampshire to use a personal budget to design Claire’s support ourselves and get it right for her. I am a strong advocate for effective and meaningful services for people with learning disabilities and represent parents in Hampshire at a variety of forums

Chris Wells, Finance Representative

Chris qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse & Co, trained on a 10-year management development program in ICI, subsequently, he worked as a legal director in companies ranging from subsidiaries of multi-nationals to medium-sized companies. Chris was the Vice Principal responsible for finance at The Loddon Foundation prior to his retirement.
Chris is Trustee of The Loddon Foundation a charity that supports children with learning disabilities using positive behavioural support.


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