Our Values – What does PBS4 stand for?

Our Mission

To apply all of PBS4’s expertise and assets to provide personalised Positive Behaviour Support. This will enable us to support people to achieve their potential and live enriched and purposeful lives.

Our Vision

We aim to cause disruption to social care.

PBS Want Change

Our Values – D.E.P.P.


Being disruptive is often associated with being challenging. We want to turn “challenging” on its head to being something that is celebrated.

The term “disruptive” is commonly used to describe technologies that replace out-dated approaches. For example, a sat nav is a disruptive technology that replaces reading maps.

Being disruptive is fundamental to Positive Behaviour Support. We don’t look to stop challenging behaviours. We look to understand what the function of that behaviour is (what people get from it). Our goal is then to give the person more effective, quicker, better ways to meet this function. People will then have more ways of getting what they need. This makes the challenging behaviour redundant.

In addition to using disruptive technologies in our support, we aim to cause disruption to social care. We want to create new ways of working, led by passion and drive for doing what is right, and promoting innovation from our teams.

We provide genuine Positive Behaviour Support from skilled staff, and this challenges a lot of what is falsely being described as Positive Behaviour Support by other providers. We will publicly challenge poor practice and be a voice for evidence based support from competent staff.



Enablement underpins everything we do. Our goals are to empower people to try new things, to learn new skills, and to develop greater independence. We celebrate ability and support people to build on existing skills with just the right support to be successful and build confidence. We are privileged to be invited to support the people we work for, and our outcomes are focussed on supporting people to achieve the life they want.

We use the Enablement Model to deliver our support. Ask us about this to find out more.



Working proactively gives people opportunities, helps us to plan how we effectively meet people’s needs and we can support avoiding situations that can be distressing for people.

We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning, to know we make a difference and to know that people value what we do. We have a role in supporting people to achieve this purpose in their lives.

Working proactively can also support us in creating enabling environments for people and help teams have the skills they need to be effective. Our ambition is to introduce people to new opportunities that will enrich their life and we should not be afraid to take risks that will add to people’s experiences.

We focus on promoting meaningful engagement. Everyone needs positive relationships and the people we support are no different! Building rapport and trusting relationships with the people we support is essential. We all want to be around people who understand us.


We design support for each person we support individually. Our name, PBS4, is a prefix we use to ensure that the focus for each team is on how they are providing Positive Behaviour Support for that person, rather than be focussed on delivering things a corporate way. For example PBS4Keith describes how we are providing Positive Behaviour Support for Keith.

Personalised support helps people to feel safe and confident. It ensures everyone understands the way this person likes to be supported, and ensures that everyone involved in providing support appreciates that person for who they are and what is important to them.

Working in partnership with the people we support and their families is essential in achieving personalised support. We need open and transparent communication with families and we fully appreciate that they have more expertise in their family members needs than we do.

PBS PBS4 stand

So what is PBS4?

PBS stands for Positive Behaviour Support. The 4 in our name is to make our name work as a prefix. This encourages us to ensure we are providing PBS4 in a personalised way. What is PBS4? Positive Behaviour Support is for understanding challenging behaviour has a purpose so we can meet this purpose, not stop people from meeting it in ways we don’t like.