Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our mission: is to achieve meaningful change for the people we support. Good engagement will mean that PBS4 is an organisation that is respo nsive, listening, and good to work with. We want people to enjoy interacting with us as an organisation and to feel engaged with what we do. 

Our vision: is to be a “disruptive” social care provider.  We want to provide social care different to how social care providers are traditionally seen, which is often described as secretive, unresponsive, and not interested in hearing the views of others. Many people we support and families have lost their faith in social care due to not being effectively engaged or being ignored. We want to change that by showing how things can be done differently. We need to give people the reason to challenge these views. We want to be leading what excellent support looks like for people with learning disabilities, and to lead this we need to be engaging. This is how we plan to disruptively influence the social care sector.

Our Values:

Disruptive We aim to challenge preconceived ideologies

Enabling We are empowering people to reach their potential

Proactive We seek to find new opportunities and partnerships

Personalised We design support for each person we support individually

Under our logo, we have added the strapline ‘Challenging Expectations’. This is about being disruptive in challenging preconceived ideologies. We are privileged to be invited to support the people we work for, and our outcomes are focussed on enabling people to achieve the life they want. Working proactively allows the people we support to be in control and helps us to plan how we effectively meet their needs. Our name, PBS4, is a prefix we use to ensure that the focus is on providing personalised Positive Behaviour Support for each person.