PBS4Careers – Info for families

Do you receive a personal budget and have difficulty recruiting the right support?

Do you want someone else to have the hassles of being the employer?

Do you want someone else to do the recruitment for you?

PBS4Careers is the service we are offering to help families with personal budgets to get the staff they want.

Key features of what we offer include:

  • We can introduce you to our existing staff.
  • We can advertise and recruit the staff for you for a reasonable cost.
  • Portable DBS and pre employment checks
  • We can give staff experience in supporting people with learning disabilities by working in our supported living services.
  • We can provide staff with a high quality induction training, including Positive Behaviour Support, Active Support, Person Centred Planning, PROACT-SCIPr-UK, and the essentials of being an Enablement/Personal Assistant.
  • We can provide staff with mandatory training via e-learning, including the Care Certificate, Food hygiene, health and safety etc.
  • We can provide specific training such as epilepsy management and autism.
  • We can support the performance management of any performance issues.

The staff we provide would be employed by PBS4Careers. They would be following your care plans and risk assessments. You are in control of what these staff do.

We provide this service to you for £15 per hour.

We can do a specific job advert and recruitment for you for £200 subject to an agreement of using them through our agency for 12 weeks full time or equivalent.

If the person is a good match for you and your family member, and you are a good match for them you can transfer them to your employment if you wish. Transferring a team member to your employment costs £350 so long as the employee can remain on our bank. But if you use them through us for 12 weeks at full time or equivalent this cost will be halved.

Transferring staff to your employment is not essential and you can use them as agency staff from us for as long as you like.

We see the transfer fee as more of a long term engagement fee. So long as the person remains on our bank you can continue to purchase support for you and your employee with any training needs and performance management needs. We will be able to support you with most issues with over the phone advice. However if more detailed support is required we will be able to advise you on what support we could offer and how much this would cost.


Please note, PBS4Careers is a sister company to PBS4. You as the personal budget holder remain responsible for the support plans and risk assessments that the employees follow. PBS4Careers are providing you with a staffing resource to do this. As the support for your family member is led by you and not us this does not come under PBS4’s CQC regulated activity. However, we endeavour to provide support to CQC regulation standards.