Information for Commissioners

How we can use Positive Behaviour Support to support individuals with challenging behaviour.

Positive Behaviour Support is a recognised approach to supporting people with challenging behaviour. PBS4 uses registered health professionals trained to MSc level in Applied Behaviour Analysis providing the highest level of competence in Positive Behaviour Support, and we are recognised across the UK for our contributions to this field.

We take referrals from CCG’s, Local Authorities, and people receiving personal budgets to provide support packages for people in their own homes. The process starts with person centred tools to get to know the person. We then complete a full functional assessment to inform our Positive Behaviour Support approach. We share our draft plans with people who know the person well to ensure our plans are agreed and correct.

We can also provide consultancy support to others. Here are some examples of things we can offer:

  • A comprehensive health review by a registered learning disability nurse
  • A functional assessment of challenging behaviours by a registered health practitioner trained to MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • A co-produced Positive Behaviour Support Plan with input from key people who are important to the person
  • Support and coaching to people who directly support the person to help them cope with challenging situations and implement plans consistently.
  • Supporting the development of detailed risk management plans
  • Reviewing of plans and their success, including planning for continued review beyond our support.

Additionally, we can design and deliver personalised support packages for people transitioning from children’s to adult services, or from institutional care to their own tenancy.

If you would like to discuss a potential referral with us please go to the Contact Us page and we will endeavor to reply within 48 hours.