PBS4 – Families

Positive Behaviour Support: Guides for families

If you have a family member with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours you may have heard of an approach called Positive Behaviour Support. We have produced a series of factsheets to help you understand what this is.

We hope these factsheets will help you find the right support for your family member. If your family member is already receiving Positive Behaviour Support we hope it will help you evaluate the quality of this support.

We use the term “challenging behaviour” in this information pack to describe behaviours that are difficult for people themselves and for those who support them. These behaviours can include:

• being aggressive,

• hurting themselves,

• breaking things,

• and anything else that can frequently cause difficulties.

The authors of these guides are:

  • Jonathan Beebee, Nurse Consultant. PBS4
  • Marianne Wooldridge, Senior Behaviour Consultant, Dimensions
  • Jen Fookes, Parent and Challenging Behaviour Foundation Ambassador.

All the factsheets can be found here.