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This Year’s Enablement Champions

Each month our teams nominate colleagues to become the Enablement Champion of The Month. The person awarded as Enablement Champion of The Month receives a Certificate of Achievement and a £50 voucher in recognition of the amazing work they do.

Enablement Champions


Jon Parker


Anisa Hanif


Suzanne Chance


Clare Holding


Alfred Malan


Jayne Hogan


Georgia Elliott-Wearn


Eric Cutter, Andrew Noyce, Clare Cresdee, Emma Burtenshaw, Josh Bance,

Kim Parsons, Joseph Bligh, Leah Birkenhead, Nicola Mcquillan, Rod Mckenzie & Tyler Moore


Mathew Uzoaga


PBS4’s Stars

Meet Gracious Chipeture!


How do people react when you tell them that you work as an Enablement Assistant/ Support Worker in Social Care?

People are so appreciative of what I do as they understand it can be challenging at times. They also start telling me stories about their close friends and relatives who were or are in care and how good all the support workers and healthcare assistants are at taking care of their friends and relatives.

What do you enjoy about your job the most?

I love being able to step into a person’s life at one of their lowest points in life and get to make a difference. I am passionate about helping others. I have always been someone who has looked after others and wanted to help people, rather than just helping myself.

Why did you choose PBS4 as a place of employment?

I joined PBS4 because I was referred by a family member because of how good they are with the staff treatment. We also share the same goal which is to always put the person first in everything we do.

What do our values mean to you?

Disruptive- is being able to create new ways of approaching challenges.

This is changing the traditional way in which care operates in a new and effective way.

Enabling- is being able to challenge people to reach their full potential.

This helps individuals with being as independent as possible.

Proactive- this value means being able to prepare for the future and reduce problems from happening. In a way, it’s part of problem-solving. It makes unavoidable problems easier to solve as you get to deal with them earlier rather than later

Personalised- this is a crucial value because the support that each person needs is different. This is why all the care we provide is person-centred.

Are you interested in a career supporting people with learning disabilities as Gracious does? Why not look at our current vacancies!