PBS4’s Stars & Champions

Enablement Champions

Each month our teams nominate colleagues to become the Enablement Champion of The Month. The person awarded as Enablement Champion of The Month receives a Certificate of Achievement and a £50 voucher in recognition of the amazing work they do.

Enablement Champions

April 2021

Jayne Hogan

March 2021

Georgia Elliott-Wearn

February 2021

Eric Cutter, Andrew Noyce, Clare Cresdee, Emma Burtenshaw, Josh Bance,

Kim Parsons, Joseph Bligh, Leah Birkenhead, Nicola Mcquillan, Rod Mckenzie & Tyler Moore

January 2021

Mathew Uzoaga

December 2020

Faith Foster and Chantelle Noory

November 2020

Lauren Soley

October 2020

Aron Chipeture, Malachia Mutandiro,

Charles Dibigbo, Loveness Gonyora, Martin Anozie,

Kathryn King and Lanwell Chapoka

September 2020

Kathryn King

August 2020

Louise McDonald and Zara Stevens

July 2020

Brian Goossens

June 2020

Holly Clarke and Polly Bardarska

May 2020

Peter Olaide and Loveness Gonyora

April 2020

This month all who were nominated were awarded the prize so the winners were:

Alix Trisott, Faith Foster, Kate Goddard, Polly Bardarska, Rosie Heatley and Maria Glen

March 2020

Chantelle Noory and Jenny Osborn

February 2020 Enablement Champion

Georgia Triffitt-Harwood

January 2020 Enablement Champion

Hannah Hall

December 2020 Enablement Champion

Michelle Francis-Dent

November 2019 Enablement Champion

We didn’t receive any nominations for the month of November

October 2019 Enablement Champion

Andrea Goodman

September 2019 Enablement Champion

Victoria Webster

August 2019 Enablement Champion

We didn’t receive any nominations for the month of August

July 2019 Enablement Champion

Abi Trumper

June 2019 Enablement Champion

Cristina Leopea

May 2019 Enablement Champion

Jennifer Firth

April 2019 Enablement Champion

JG’s team at Culver Lodge (Claire Baker, Ian McMillian, Tyrone Bridges)

March Enablement Champion

We didn’t receive any nominations for the month of March.

February 2019 Enablement Champion

Cheryl Martin

January 2019 Enablement Champion

Owen Phillips

Enablement Champion of The Year

At the start of the year all the Enablement Champions from the previous year are put forward for nominations to become The Enablement Champion of The Year.

For 2018 we where pleased to award ‘Ebou Juke’ as Enablement Champion of The Year. Congratulations !!

Ebou Juke receiving his award from Jonathan Beebee at our Stakeholder Event

PBS4’s Stars

Meet Lesley Meacham, one of PBS4’s stars!

positive behaviour support

Lesley Meacham

Tell us a bit about your job and what it involves?

I am an Enablement Assistant for a lovely individual that PBS4 supports.

In my day to day role it feels like I’m visiting my friend and enabling her to live her life in a full and independent way, as much as she can.

What got you first interested in a career supporting people with learning disabilities?

I have always worked with children and adult with some form of medical health problems or learning disability since I left college.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part is seeing the individuals I support breaking barriers and achieving goals.

Would you recommend working with PBS4 to others? Why?

YES!!!!!!! I believe PBS4’s philosophy and ethos because the approach is the real Positive Behaviour Support 4 the individuals. Furthermore, Gary LaVigna (from the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis) is a key influence to PBS4.

Are you interested in a career supporting people with learning disabilities like Lesley does? Why not look at our current vacancies!

Do you work for PBS4 and want to be one of our stars? Contact your manager to discuss this further.