Our Background

We were founded in 2014 by Jonathan Beebee with support from the School for Social Entrepreneurs. The following video from the School of Social Entrepreneurs gives you a little flavour of our work at PBS4. But importantly features Jonathan Beebee’s story on why he established PBS4 and his vision for us as an organisation.

Why we’re named PBS4

PBS is the acronym for Positive Behaviour Support. The “4” in our name is a prefix we use to ensure that the focus for each member of staff is on how they are providing Positive Behaviour Support for that person. 

So, for example, PBS4Keith describes how we are providing Positive Behaviour Support for Keith.

How we’re run

PBS4 is governed by a Board of voluntary non-executive directors made of representatives covering, families, personalisation in support, housing and finance. The Chair of the Board is Andrew Monaghan, and, the Co-Chair is Philip Stonehouse, who is a representative with Autism.

Jonathan Beebee, Chief Enablement Officer and Anna Hunter, Chief Operations Officer, are the two senior leaders of PBS4. Together they bring over 30 years of experience working with both adults and children with learning disabilities; in health and social care settings.

Short biographies have our Board members and the leadership team can be found here.